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The tour starts from the center of old istanbul, the capital of Byzantine "Constantınople",whıch was ruled by many empires,like Roman-Ottoman. The place whıch is called Sultanahmet has many relics you can see by walking.

Hippodrome was a centre that was held the social and sporting events like horse racing, which is used the name of square "At Meydanı" nowadays.

Blue Mosque is known as Sultanahmet mosque with blue Turkish tiles that attracts many tourists. İt was constructed between 1609-1616 during the reign of Sultan I.Ahmed with his tomb, hospice, madrasah and bazaar.

Haghia Sophia,means Holy Wisdom, was an Eastern Roman Empire church built in 537 in Constantinople. When Ottoman empire came to İstanbul in 1453, it was converted into mosque, and then in1935 it became museum, in 2020 it became Haghia Sophia Grand Mosque "Ayasofya-i Kebir Cami-i Şerifi".

Topkapı palace was cosntructed by Mehmed The Conqueror,who conquered Constantinople from Byzantine, in 1459 for residence and administrative of the Ottoman sultans. Nowadays, it is a museum with different section, holy relics, weapon, armor, clothing, manuscript. İt is registered by Unesco as a World Heritage List in 1985. İt needs ticket for visiting.

Lunch at restaurant.

Basilica Cistern was built in 6th century by Byzantine emperor Justinian on the first hill of Constantinople. İt has 336 columns with 9 metres high that 2 columns has two unique Medusa heads still not know why it was put there. Still it is opened for visitors.